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Our Story

The Alliance of Senior Kerala Nurses (ASKeN) is a non-political and nonprofitable forum aimed at addressing the challenges faced by Kerala-origin nurses in the UK.


This forum offers a platform for senior Kerala nurses to connect and collaborate and provide pastoral support to new and existing nurses in the UK.

In the UK, Keralaorigin nurses face several challenges during their career progression. The challenges start from the beginning of their career including insufficient support during the transition period to adapt to the UK healthcare system and workplace culture. Additionally, there is a gross under-representation at senior levels, particularly at band 8a and above or equivalent roles in academia and research. This in turn leads to a limited number of visible role models, adversely impacting Kerala nurses' aspirations to go higher up in the ladder. 

ASKeN will aim to address these challenges by providing a support system for Kerala-origin nurses to connect with each other, share experiences, offer support including mentoring and sharing career development opportunities. 

Furthermore, ASKeN will act as a source of pastoral support for new nurses coming to the UK, helping them to navigate the cultural and professional differences they may encounter. Moreover, the network will be working towards increasing representation at senior level 8a and above in the NHS and equivalent roles in the private sector, academia and research by coaching, role modelling, sharing leadership training opportunities and advocacy for Kerala-origin nurses


ASKeN values are Aspiring, Supportive, Kind, Enabling, Nurturing


  1. Engage and lead in a compassionate manner promoting equity, diversity and inclusion -(kind) 

  2. Recognise the leader in each individual and help them to enhance their skills to be more effective in their role - (enabling, supportive, nurturing) 

  3. Support one another by creating a confidential and psychologically safe environment for nurses to thrive and bring their best and authentic selves to work - (aspiring)


Discover the extensive support network awaiting you. Join us to explore resources, guidance, and opportunities for personal and professional growth

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